3 Improvements to Your Home When Remodeling

3 Improvements to Your Home When Remodeling

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Deciding to remodel your home is no small thing. It often involves long periods where one or more rooms are in disarray, making it difficult to live at home while work is ongoing. Whether you choose to hire people to come in during the day while you’re at work or it falls on you to complete works over the weekends, it’s a lot to handle either way.

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Here are three suggested improvements to your home that make the upheaval worth the effort.

Changing the Heater and Cooling System

There are different options when it comes to the heating and cooling system in your home. If you have local authority permission to knock through some non-weight-bearing walls or to redo the ceilings, then that opens the door for more significant upgrades to how warmth and cool air is created and circulated.

Working with HVAC Engineers, it’s possible to get heating and cooling system installed that’s most suitable for the size of the home and its requirements. One possibility with larger rooms is chilled beams at the ceiling level, which uses convection with colder air cooling the room below while hot air rises. There are also other solutions for residential use, so it’s a good idea to talk to an HVAC specialist that can run through the most suitable products for your home’s size and dimensions.

Overhauling the Lighting

When making ceiling changes, it’s the right time to consider lighting. Adding a set of spotlights or in-the-ceiling LED lights is ideal when the ceiling is being redone. Fixtures and fittings are easier to install rather than adding them as an extra later, which can look messy.

Adjustable LED lights are popular right now. With smartphone app controls, it’s possible to dim some lights and increase the lighting elsewhere, such as in the kitchen or dining area. Mood lighting in the lounge area is pleasant, especially in the evening when enjoying a glass of wine with a loved one. There are different brands of smart lighting systems from Philip Hue eco-bulbs to systems that connect to Amazon’s Alexa or other smart eco-systems for a smarter home. Eco-bulbs boast performance gains like a 9-watt Philips Hue delivering the same luminance as a 60-watt incandescent bulb at a lower lighting cost.

Adding a Deck

Adding a deck is a modern upgrade to the garden area that can be enjoyed almost every month of the year. Unlike with a patio, a deck provides a little elevation above your domain. It can help cut out the brisk winds a little bit if you fit a wood railing surround and add a modern uplift from ground level.

If you have some landscape gardening, then it’s more enjoyable to survey it from a deck. Any rock or wooden features within the landscaping are complimented by the deck’s wooden construction materials. Both the wood grain and protective staining often add to its attractiveness too.

Be prepared for how long an extensive remodeling actually takes. It’s doubtless longer than you’d expect. Anyone who lives with you should be given a realistic timeline.

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