5 Ways Mortgage Loan Originators Can Attract more Leads

5 Ways Mortgage Loan Originators Can Attract more Leads

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Mortgage professionals like loan officers, mortgage loan originators, and mortgage brokers always try to turn mortgage leads into borrowers. And to successfully achieve that, they need to generate more leads. Well, if you are a mortgage loan originator, here are a few tips to help you gather tons of leads for your business.

Consider Effective Blogging

If you decide to write a blog, do not focus too much on yourself. Instead, try to focus on local market information, trends, new products, services, and statistics. Also, be sure to tell the customers about real-life experiences and cases which you’ve dealt with in your line of business and how you went about them. Plus, you can comment on news articles closely related to your business. Remember to write your blogs in a conversational tone to get more attention from customers.

Be an Expert

In order to generate more leads, you will need to look smart and to some extent, like an expert in whatever you are doing. One of the ways you can do that is by volunteering as a writer for your local newspaper or a local publication dedicated to real estate. If you decide to go that route, it’s advisable that you only write about articles related to your business. Try to educate consumers and avoid advertising yourself. Once you feel that you have established yourself in a local publication, move ahead to a regular column, and encourage readers and consumers to pose questions.

Social Media should be your Priority

It is almost impossible to attract more leads without using the social media these days. You need to figure out the relevance of social media to your business. Focus on the one platform that benefits you the most, and if you feel like you can extend your reach, choose one or two more. If for example you decide to go for Facebook, create a business page and then write a few wall posts. Make sure the wall posts are interesting enough to fetch more “likes”. Besides, you should post contents on a daily basis.

Build a Personal Relationship

Do not be into social media so much that you lose touch with your customers at a personal level. Remember, your business can thrive because of people you know and not necessarily those you meet on social media platforms. Ensure you get in touch with people by doing the following;

  • Attending real estate caravans and open houses
  • Becoming familiar with your local market in order to establish your credibility
  • Attending events and functions
  • Participating in community groups such as chamber of commerce, Boys & Girls Club, and Rotary
  • Getting to know people

Do Not Let Go of Contented Customers

If you want to create more mortgage lending opportunities, then you should not let go of your satisfied customers. Use a CRM to keep track of interactions you had with them and for follow ups. Ask them to write a testimonial and post it on your Facebook page or website. Ensure the testimonials are short enough to encourage potential clients to read them in their entirety. Additionally, invite satisfied customers to become a “fan” on your Facebook page in order to keep them posted. You can also ask them to “Like” your Facebook page as much as you can. By doing so, they will be recommending your business to others.

If you want your business to prosper, you should be ready to grab the opportunities that come your way, and that applies specifically to mortgage loan originators. As a mortgage loan originator, it is your responsibility to use all the tools at your disposition to gather more leads that will eventually turn to sales.

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