A Look into Condo Living and Life in Chiang Mai

A Look into Condo Living and Life in Chiang Mai

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Chiang Mai is a popular city for Thai people, tourists and expats to visit and live. In addition to the mountains and abundance of forestry, Chiang Mai has beautiful local Lanna architecture for sightseeing. There are also activities, tourist places, hipster-style restaurants as well as a peaceful atmosphere for photos. In fact it’s a popular place for many people to take photos to post on social media.

Here are some of the recommended new attractions on your next visit to this northern city.


The cool, chic and stylish museum of MAIIAM is the place to visit at least once. With the exterior decorations made of glass, it creates a stunning, glittering look when the sun shines. Their new conceptual art exhibits are a continual and distinctive attraction for every visit. MAIIAM is the best choice if you’re looking to recharge your creativity with some art.


You don’t have to travel to the USA to see a cliff view like the Grand Canyon. In Thailand there is a similar view created by natural current erosions. You can reach this tourist attraction in around a 15 minute drive from condominium’s in Chiang Mai. It’s a beautiful place to take pictures, see the view and take in some fresh air. At this attraction, there are many activities you can take part in such as floating in an inflatable boat or with a swimming ring. Many tourists like to dive in to cool down. But if you don’t want to get wet, enjoy the view and head back to your condominium in Chiang Mai to freshen up.

Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden

This tourist attraction is a popular place due to it’s size. It measures more than 3500 sqm with a variety of different zones to visit, some of which include the Greenhouse Building Group. The building is located on a mountain, with many tourists going up to take photos with the popular cactus.

The visit is called the Canopy Walk. The walk is the longest route with a sky-high view in all of Thailand. With beauty and knowledge in every activity here, the garden is the perfect place for rest and relaxation. It’s a great activity to share with family and friends and if you have the energy for it, climb to the top of the mountain and admire the view and fresh air.

Nimmahaemin Road

Situated in the main city, Nimman region is the place for Chiang Mai teenagers. The area has a lot of trendy cafes and restaurants and condominiums. Get to the Nimman region by walking or taking one of the local red buses. It’s an enjoyable place to walk and wander down the attractive and peaceful soi’s. There are many popular restaurants including names like KaosoiNimman, Kuakai and Tong Tem Toh or delicious cafes like Ristr8to Coffee, Guu Fusion Roti & Tea, Toast at Mon Nom Sod or Mango Tango. One things for sure, make sure to save lots of space in your stomach for food when visitin the Nimman region. There are also popular pub bars like Warm Up to enjoy a fun night out. If you have a condo in the area, it’s a convenient place to be.

It is often said that you can visit Chiang Mai many times without getting bored because of the many tourist attractions and new and traditional popular restaurants. With this in mind, buying a condominium in Chiang Mai is a smart and reasonable investment and a wonderful private space for your self and family.

Owning a condo in Chiang Mai is also nice for when your family comes to visit, you’ll never have to worry about accommodation and where they’ll stay.

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