Buying a House and Real Estate Agents

Buying a House and Real Estate Agents

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At the end of 2013, we made the decision after 43 years within our first home the time had come to lower size the house. I was given booklets made to let me know how you can sell and purchase a house. These originated from realtors and buddies. We read those to prepare ourselves as well as we’re able to for something which we’d dirty before. (We’d bought land and built our first and just home).

I must let you know about our knowledge about real estate agents whenever we visited purchase a new house. We understood, by status supposedly, they have a tendency to stretch the ‘truth’ with regards to describing a house. What we found is they don’t pay attention to that which you say regarding the type of home you need to buy. I spend some time assembling what could be our perfect home, knowing that could be a “Cake on the horizonInch wish. I emailed a duplicate to every agent who had been searching for all of us. Here is the shorter form of the wish list.

Our first preference is really a low set brick house on an amount block around 400m2 in area.

We’d think about a one level town house.


• A minimum of 3 bedrooms
• 2 bathrooms
• 1 separate toilet
• Covered patio
• Kitchen with separate eating area
• Plenty of space for storage

However there have been some features which were not negotiable that appeared to create no real impression.

The non-negotiables were:

• The home ended up being to be one level.
• It needed to be on the flat block.
• It needed two bathrooms because we frequently babysat our grandchildren.
• Two toilets
• We preferred two garages.

This not listening or studying our wish list ended up costing many wasted hrs and lots of kilometres of wasted fuel within our vehicle. We’ve got to some stage that, with each and every recommendation we’ve got via email or telephone, we’d first check where it had been on the guide to find out if the region was desirable after which, before any inspection, we’d drive towards the house to take a look and also to begin to see the general environs of the home. Only then would we elect to examine.

The classic error by a real estate agent ended up being to think I’d purchase a house near a course since i would be a golfer. Although which was tempting, the home had just one bathroom which in fact had a tall health spa bath using the shower regarding this. The agent expected us as retirees around 70 years old to make use of that bath.

Frequently the home had only come available on the market or involved to become listed. I am sure, oftentimes, the agent was not with the house or perhaps driven past it. So, when we were to undergo the shopping process again, I’d ask the agent if he’d experienced the home. If he’d, i then would question a number of questions according to our wish list. I’d have produced an itemized copy of those questions in consultation with my spouse. That’s important because it is the wife that’s targeted with questions and comments concerning the house through the agents. They feel whether they can make an impression on the wife, the husband will undoubtedly together with her decision.

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