Common Mistakes Made When Taking a Real Estate License Exam

Common Mistakes Made When Taking a Real Estate License Exam

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One of the most fulfilling careers is being a real estate professional. Not only does it give you a handsome income opportunity, but becoming one is alsoa positive challengethat you need to overcome. Before you plunge in the real estate industry as a professional, you need to pass a real estate license exam. While there are so many reviewers online such as real estate courses online Texas, it pays enough to realize as early as now the common mistakes made when taking a real estate license exam.

Real Estate License Exam

The real estate licensure examis usually a state-administered standard test that, when passed, will give brokers and agents the legal ability (license) to engage in the buying and selling of real estate properties, whether to represent the seller or buyer.

Common Mistakes Made

  1. Cramming

Just like in any examination, the real estate license exam requires good preparation. Do not put off until the last minute to prepare for the real estate license exam. Cramming at the end because you have procrastinated since Day 1 will not help you succeed in the exam. Break your procrastination habit by using time management techniques such as Pomodoro to help you focus and achieve your review goals even in small increments.

Remember that cramming will only add up to the stress and anxiety on the examination day itself. So, prepare well.

  1. Incomplete Requirements

As early as the first day of your performance, gather all the requirements needed on the testing day. Included are your test permits, authorized calculator, identification cards, pen and other registration documents. There have been numerous instances of examinees who forget such important things, only to end up either going back home or being unable to take the real estate license exam as scheduled.

  1. Not Following Exam Instructions

Like how you have been taught as early as elementary, a very good exam answer will still be wrong if you were not able to follow the instructions well. During the examination day, avoid jumping right ahead to answering the questions. Take ample time to read the exam instructions at least twice. Make sure that you have understood them well and follow each guideline accordingly. Do not waste your preparation by making this single mistake because it might cost you your passing remark.

  1. Tardiness

If you have the habit of coming to important events late, you should consider not committing it on your real estate license exam. Familiarize yourself with your testing center and the easiest and fastest route to get there. Plan your time ahead, so you will avoid running lost or even getting lost on your testing date.

  1. Lack of Familiarization with Possible Types of Questions

In every state, there are generally three (3) types of exam questions that will be asked: federal real state law, state real estate law and fair housing laws. There are numerous resources online that will help you familiarize with these types of questions. Make sure to at least try one to have a better grasp of yourself in terms of the topics and formats of the questions to be asked on the exam date.


Increase your likelihood of passing the real estate license exam by avoiding these common mistakes. Experience is the wise teacher, they say. But it is even wiser to learn from common mistakes committed by others and dodging these from happening to yourself. Take caution and aim to ace your real estate license exam in one go.

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