Determining the Best Way to Sell Your Home

Determining the Best Way to Sell Your Home

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Some people arrive at the decision to sell their home after considerable internal debate and research. Others may make the decision easily because of a job opportunity in a distant location, financial need or other urgent factors. Regardless of how you arrived at your decision to sell your home, you are now faced with the decision about how to sell it. There are several options to consider, and each has its pros and cons for you to explore. By fully analyzing these options, you will be able to determine the best way to sell your home.

Use Real Estate Agent Services
Listing your home for sale is one of the most common options available. This traditional method places your home on the primary market against numerous other listings in your area. With this in mind, your agent likely will recommend that you make necessary repairs and upgrades so that it can compete more successfully in the market, and you may even be asked to stage the home. It can cost a considerable amount of money and time to prepare your home to sell this way. In addition, you will have to pay both the buyer’s and seller’s real estate agent fees, which can be a huge sum of money. There are positive aspects to this type of sales process. For example, you likely will receive a fair market value price for your home, and you can enjoy agent services for marketing, negotiations and more.

Contact a Cash Buyer or Investor
You can also contact a cash buyer or investor, such as or others. These are buyers who typically will accept your home in its current condition, and they will give you an offer based on its current value without any repairs or staging being done. While these offers are typically lower than what you may receive through a real estate agent, the financial benefits of not having to fix up your home and not having to pay agent fees can outweigh this. Because these are cash buyers, you typically do not have to deal with negotiations related to the appraisal and property inspection. You also can expect to close within a week or less in many cases.

Sell Your Home on Your Own
Another idea is to list your home as a for sale by owner. Your home generally will be competing against other homes in the primary market, so repairs, upgrades and staging are typically still required. In addition, it is customer for the seller to pay the buyer’s agent fees. Therefore, while you will save money by not having an agent yourself, you will still have to pay the buyer’s agent fee. You will not be able to take advantage of the full marketing power of a real estate agent, but homes in a highly visible area may attract attention on their own. You can also use the Internet to get the word out about your house.

As you can see, there are pros and cons associated with each of these sales options. As a buyer, you need to consider your financial ability to prepare your home to compete with other homes for sale in the primary market. You also need to consider if you want to endure the time and effort associated with home tours and waiting for a reasonable offer to be submitted to you. Those who need to sell quickly and who do not have funds available to complete the make-ready process can consider using a cash investor to sell their home.

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