Does Your Office Design Firm Offer All-Inclusive Services?

Does Your Office Design Firm Offer All-Inclusive Services?

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The firm you choose to take care of your interior design needs for your office should not only be knowledgeable in design but in related services as well. These services should include office fit-outs, refurbishments, and even office relocations. Top-quality design firms should supply furniture sourcing too. Choose a company that is as well-versed in facilities management as it is in small and large office design. Take a look at some of the world’s coolest offices for inspiration too.

Making a Choice of a Design Company

When it comes to design services, the firm you choose should be able to interpret your brief so that your office design meets with the preferred space requirements and brand. A design company of this type should not rush into the process but meticulously plan your refurbishing or fit-out to deliver the best results. That is why it is important to work with a design firm that is as passionate about its work as it is about design.

When selecting a company, regardless of the service, the results you receive should surpass your expectations. The design firm that you choose should get a feel for your practice or business before they make any design recommendations. They need to know how you operate and your future plans. That way, they can create a design that meets your company’s cultural requirements or visions for expansion.

Implementing a Plan

Normally, when you contact a designer who is experienced in the field, he or she will first survey your current workspace. Once a concept is approved by you, the company will work out the expenses, resources, and schedules that will need to be referenced throughout the project.

Choose a design company that has a workplace consultancy in place that assists clients in realising their business goals and strategies. To obtain the best office design, designers should rely on information such as spatial analyses, spatial efficiency reviews, and time use studies to deliver the desired outcome.

Minimal Disruption

The client brief that is created should be clear and concise, and be used as a foundation for designing an office that meets your expectations. Therefore, the design team you choose should be committed to the work for which they have been requisitioned. When the build is initiated, the designers should work on-site to perform the fit-out or renovation with a minimal amount of disruption.

When the decoration is finalised and office furnishings installed, a dedicated project manager typically oversees the follow-up, ensuring completion of each detail. If the re-fit concerns a small office space, then an interior design firm should be used that is just as committed to assisting with large-scale fit-outs as it is to handling small redesign plans.

Small Office Company Designs

Just because a business offers a range of services that complements large office design projects does not mean it is not interested in small office design. That is why companies such as Saracen Interiors also accommodate the needs of small companies.

Such companies are full-service providers, regardless of whether their client is large or small. Small office design services include the following:

  • Design and build projects
  • Changes to existing spaces
  • New additions or furnishings
  • Redecoration
  • General updating and renovation
  • Relocation of employees, workstations, and furniture
  • Adding to or modifying data and power

Therefore, you need a fully committed office design provider as a small office design can actually require more preparation and planning. Specialists in the field must concentrate on the organisational structure of a company.

Some of the Criteria Used for Small Office Designs

When planning a design for a small office, the work does not solely involve a business model. Designers also concentrate on how a business operates. For example, how does the company plan to communicate inside the planned space? Does the president of the firm decide policy or does everyone work collaboratively? Will the space house everyone so they feel they have a vested interest in the company?

Even if you are working with a space of 46m2, the placement of each employee is important. For example, should the CEO locate to the corner in a large office or be positioned at a desk with other staff members? The placement of employees in a confined space depicts the directional flow of a company too. For instance, if you manage six employees, designers suggest that a better flow may be facilitated by placing the manager or executive in the middle. That way, he or she can observe what everyone is doing. It also gives employees better access to management.

In one report issued by a special workplace studies programme, researchers discovered that small-scale office environments with open designs led to more positive office and social interactions. This type of design supported such attributes as job satisfaction because the configuration and re-fits did not impede the ability of a worker to function productively.

Therefore, in today’s office environment (large or small), cubicles or similar-type enclosures generally will not work. Padded grey cages have been proven to lower production and therefore are not a preferred option for privacy as well.

Reflecting a Company’s Goals and Brand

Small businesses that regularly see clients should showcase a design that is a precise reflection of their company’s objectives. When designing small office spaces, upscale design firms try to get a feel for the public’s impression of a company. Learning about a business’s branding and seeing how it is reflected to customers helps a design firm present the right image of a company’s goals.

Even if a small business does not regularly see customers, the office space must still underscore a company’s brand focus. A re-fit or design denotes how a small company chooses to communicate, practice, or operate. It also indicates where a firm places its primary values.

As a result, any small perks in the office design must offer a strong impact. For example, you may pay employees more money or offer them small amenities such as an espresso machine. If you include the machine, you will find that staff members will come to love the office space. Those small accoutrements mean the difference between worker satisfaction and a lack of enthusiasm on the job.

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