Folding Arm Awnings Transform Your Living Space into an Indoor-Outdoor Environment

Folding Arm Awnings Transform Your Living Space into an Indoor-Outdoor Environment

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Both homes and businesses have discovered the benefits of placing folding arm awnings over patios, entryways, and decks. These beautifully-designed canopies not only save energy, but come in an array of plains, stripes, and colours. Therefore, you can use the awnings to complement your outside architecture and décor.

If you own a retail store or eatery, you can use the sunshades to advertise and promote your business. The sunshades can be made so that they highlight your logo and brand. Graphics and contact numbers can be printed on the awnings to underscore your business’s influence in the community.

A Natural Type of Climate Control

It does not matter if you use the sunshade to entertain guests at home or increase patronage at a business. Either way, you will find that this type of installation creates a natural type of climate control, along with a shelter that keeps you safe and secure from the sun’s harmful rays.

By taking advantage of folding arm awnings, you can also, as indicated, extend your home or establishment’s boundaries. The shade that is offered by retractable awnings is created without the need for any posts or beams. When you choose this stylish awning to save on energy or increase space, you automatically beautify the look of patios, balconies, terraces and outside cafes.

Because of the advancements in technology today, you need to make sure that your folding arm awning is easy to maintain and use. You can choose from one of two styles of operation. A basic crank handle can be used to open and close the shades, or you can streamline the operation with a motor.

Operating Your New Sun Shade

The motorised option can be facilitated with a switch control or with a remote. If you want to expand on the upgrade, you can also include rain and sun sensors as well as timers to increase the convenience of operating this type of shade.

Whilst these awnings are visibly attractive, the core reason people that buy the canopies is to cut down on the amount of heat in their homes and businesses in the summer. They also use the shades to increase the warmth of their properties in the winter.

Reducing Your Utility Costs

For example, when you retract the awnings in the colder months, you will pay less on your heating bill. However, when the awnings are opened in the summer, your cooling costs are reduced. Studies reveal that you can slash AC use by about 25% when these types of awnings are used.

Besides the reduced energy costs, the awnings also add to homeowner privacy. Not only are the awnings simple to install and keep in good shape, they also protect entrances from the assault of wind and rain. When making a selection in fabrics too, you will find that today’s awning materials can hold up for a long time. Not only are the awnings made from non-fade fabrics, they also, as noted, repel rainwater effectively. So, take time to look at the variety of folding arm awnings available online. Needless to say, this is the type of upgrade you will come to appreciate over time.

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