Four Kinds of Home Sellers Flippers Must Find

Four Kinds of Home Sellers Flippers Must Find

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Some people get into some situations that can easily overwhelm them. These situations can cause them to lose their ability to earn a living or deal with a major change in life. Home flippers must know the difference between a motivated home seller and a homeowner who has just thought of selling his home. Motivated sellers are looking to end up with a quick home sale as they need cash. They may be in an emergency situation or have an urgent need. But a typical home seller may be willing to wait until they get the best price for their home.

Home flippers will want to speak to motivated sellers because they are more open to negotiation. Here are motivated sellers that home flippers will want to look for.

Divorced Owners

Divorces can get ugly and couples may have to fight over assets division. These assets include their house. And the individual who gets the house will attempt to sell it right away before ending up with a renegotiation with his partner. But some couples decide to sell home and enjoy a 50-50 share of the profits. And an investor can buy a home from a divorced couple easily than an ordinary consumer since the couple will want to expedite the process.

Owners of Poorly-Maintained Homes

A number of people who own a home don’t maintain their property and use their money for other expenses or to pay off their mortgage. Often, these homeowners will want to sell their home; however, will find it hard to find a buyer because the property is poorly maintained.

House flippers consider this type of homes as possible goldmines. Paying attention to this home can leave flippers the only buyer available to the seller. In such circumstances, flippers can negotiate the terms easily because of their advantage and they can easily resell the home to buyers like Sell My House to Smith.

Those who Unexpectedly Lost their Jobs

A person who loses his job will wait until he finds a new job that is as good as his old one. Or he may also find lower paying jobs while waiting for something better. But no matter what the case is, the person is unlikely to afford of spend as much as he did before he lost his job. Because of this, he may not afford his mortgage or property taxes. So he may resort to selling his house and moving into one a more affordable one. The seller will want to sell his home to an investor who has cash ready and can close the deal as soon as possible.

Old Property Owners

As with poorly-maintained homes, old homes are just too unattractive to a lot of retail home buyers. Even if the home has structural issues, flippers can buy such kinds of home at a very low price. A good flipper knows what to look for and hire a general contractor to provide them estimates on all the fixes. However, before they buy the house, flippers need to carry out a home inspection to ensure they don’t end up with rehabilitation that is over the top.

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