Get Incredible Real Estate Videos With 3D Showcase!

Get Incredible Real Estate Videos With 3D Showcase!

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Creating impressive real estate videos can be tricky, which is why most commercial and residential builders rely on companies that specialize in this job. One of the latest choices in the market today is a 3D showcase. In this post, we will discuss things about 3D showcase to create real estate videos.

So, what’s 3D showcase?

A 3D showcase is designed and created with a highly specialized camera. It’s created with a system that combines a string of infra-red lenses along with standard lenses. In the world of real estate, it is more than important to have videos that make a lasting impression, and standard videos can hardly do that. For example, if you see a panoramic photo, you would just see a part of the property or space from a singular point, and at the maximum, you can move left to right to a limited extent. With a 3D showcase, it’s like a digital walk in the property, which offers a more realistic experience.

How is 3D Showcase made?

As mentioned earlier, there are companies that specialize in 3D Showcase for real estate requirements, and they do such projects with utter professionalism and in a very budget price. The camera is usually positioned in multiple points in the entire property, and in each of these points, the camera will rotate 360 degrees, so as to gather complete data of the concerned room, right from the floor to the roof. Using a tablet or any other controlling device, the movement of the camera is managed and the scanned data is stored. After the entire images have been stored, the data is then uploaded for processing, which can take anywhere between two and four hours, depending on the size of the project.

The 3D Showcase that you get will be a real tour of the space, and the experience is extremely personal. Once ready, you can share the showcase with anyone via a web link. It can be embedded to websites, as well. If you are looking for a company that offers real estate video St Louis, make sure that you check their previous work and the kind of videos that have completed so far for the bigger projects. The company should offer a decent price with a delivery date for the project. You might also want to get a few client references. For more, check online to find relevant services.

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