How to Make Selling Your Home Suck Less

How to Make Selling Your Home Suck Less

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While we all know that sooner or later we are probably going to need to move from the home we live in right now, none of us look forward to it. True, you may be looking forward to moving to that new job or new home. You may even find it exciting to look for a new place to live. But unless you live in something really uncomfortable such as in an offshore oil rig living quarters, you probably love your home. Selling it and moving just isn’t fun.

But there are ways to make it not quite so much of a chore. You can organize that move so that it is fast, easy and even almost painless. If you plan on doing a few things around the house to make that house sell faster and be worth more, we can help you there as well. Check out our ideas on getting it ready for market without the fuss, muss or stress you would normally consider part of selling your home.

Have A Plan First

Before you do anything, walk through your home and make a list of what you feel would improve your chances of selling it quickly. We all know the little things around the house that we have been putting off taking care of, our “honey do” list. Now is the time to decide if you should get those taken care of, give them to a local handyman to do or write them off as unimportant.

Now with a list of realistic things you plan to do, decide on what order will make the least mess around the home. Don’t forget that you need to budget for all of this to ensure you have the cash to carry through. Now that you know what needs to be done, by who and how much it will cost you, it is time to reconsider selling at all. Still need to? Then on the step two.

Prioritize and Deputize

So, let’s take another look at that list. Aren’t there at least two things on it that you would like to have done but don’t really actually need to do to the home? You know, that bathtub replacement that probably only needs a new faucet and showerhead or that front door painting that can probably get by with a good scrub.

Now that we have cut that list in half, let’s look more closely at whether these are things you can fob off onto other members of the household. If you have teens, you are in luck. They always need money, and paying them to do half the things left on your list will be cheaper than a contractor. Follow through on this and we have just eliminated three quarters of what you had down.

Time Out for Small Plans

Now that we have that list down to just a few projects that you know you actually want to do, know how to do and can afford to do, it is time to put them off. Look at the hardest one and tell yourself that you need to check some books out of the library on technique and maybe even check out a few old This Old House reruns for ideas. Tell the wife (or husband) that you plan to get to it just as soon as …fill in with whatever holiday is farthest away…is over.

Now sit back, grab a chill drink and celebrate that while you may move out of this home at some time, you have plenty of time to get to that list. Really, just as soon as I finish this book, this drink and sketch out one more master plan. Really.

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