Important Questions to Ask Before Buying a Custom Fume Hood

Important Questions to Ask Before Buying a Custom Fume Hood

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Purchasing custom fume hoods is a significant long-term financial commitment. Before shopping for custom fume hoods, there are some critical questions you will need to answer to ensure you are purchasing the most effective fume hoods for your particular situation.

What type of materials are going to be used in the hood?

You must determine ahead of time what kind of chemicals will be used in the hood. By identifying the chemicals, you will be able to specify the type of hood cover you will need. There are many different types of hoods on the market such as a ductless hood, explosion proof hoods, acid hoods and power hoods. Until you identify which chemicals and particulates will be used, you will not be able to start shopping for a custom hood.

What is your purchase budget and how much can you afford to pay to operate it?

The cost to run a hood can vary widely depending on the type of hood. A ductless hood does not cost a lot to operate because no air is being exhausted; however, a hood that is in charge of exhausting large amounts of air can be expensive to run. It is also important to take note that there are more efficient hoods available that will cost you more for the initial purchase but will save you money in operating costs throughout the life of the equipment. You can also purchase additional adds-ons that will reduce operating costs such as a sash sensor. It is important for you to understand the different operating expenses of each hood so that you can make an informed decision on what to spend on the initial purchase.

What type of blower and what size blower will you need?

The blower is a major component when buying a hood as it is in charge of making sure the air is removed safely from the building. You need to discuss with your building manager to find out the exact type of blower they require to ensure it is up to code. You will also need to speak with the experts about the size of the hood as if you pick the incorrect size the hood can be ineffective and create a safety hazard.

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