Inside the Business of Backyard Composting

Inside the Business of Backyard Composting

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As more and more of our population learns about the dangers of greenhouse gasses and how they contribute to our looming climate change, many are considering the process of composting food waste as a small way to contribute to making the environment a better place. In this article we’re going to explore the different types of business opportunities that have risen to meet the demand of composting enthusiasts.

DIY Composting

First, let’s discuss the most popular type of composting – those doing it from their own homes without much need for products or services. This is where the business opportunity starts – finding an opportunity to solve a problem or make a task less tedious or more enjoyable.

When someone is doing their own composting say, in their garden or backyards, they are typically using some sort of trash bin or barrel to store their compost, and using a shovel to turn it over every few weeks. It’s a very DIY system that varies from person to person. Next, we’ll discuss how businesses developed products and services to make composting easier to maintain.

Compost Bin Manufacturers

First up are companies that manufacturer professionally designed compost bins. These bins are far more attractive to have in your yard then say, an old trash can with a lid you cut a bunch of ventilation holes in.

With a professional compost bin, you’ll get a much better composting experience with strong, durable bins that keep the heat in, and most importantly, easy to turn the compost so you don’t have to worry about getting your hands dirty.

Residential Composting Services

Some of us are fine with the DIY method, others want the more secure and professional bin (and are willing to fork over the money for it), but what about those who want to get into composting but just don’t have the time or space to maintain a composting bin?

This is where a residential composting service comes into play. Those that live in the city, for example, and don’t have a lot of yard space can benefit from a composting service. They act much like your local trash pickup – once a week they collect your food waste and transport it back to their facility where the actual composting takes place.

Commercial Composting Services

Additionally, composting services can also offer their services to local businesses as well. These typically are restaurants or other places that offer or serve food on premises as the amount of food waste can be quite high in volume.

These services typically offer waste bins and training programs to ensure employees of the establishments they serve understand the proper things they can and cannot compost as well as encourage their staff to get behind the process and help make it a success.


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