Prepare Early to Become a Better Golfer

Prepare Early to Become a Better Golfer

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There are 25 million golfers in the United States populating over 15,000 golf courses. While golf in one form or another has been around for centuries, the game has become, more than ever, a complex game of carefully honed individual skills: technical, tactical, competition strategy, mindset, and performance. It’s no coincidence that the vast majority of top golfers today started playing in their early teens or before.

Junior golf camps help youngsters begin to develop these skills early. Following are the skills that are taught at a golf camp:


According to the USGA, a professional golfer is allowed to have 14 clubs in his/her golf bag. This includes the standard 12 clubs: three woods (1-3), eight irons (3-9), a pitching wedge, and a putter. Knowing how to use them all takes a lot of practice and experience. A professional instructor can help youths get better acquainted with all of these clubs and master the full golf swing as well as pitching, chipping, and putting.


It’s not enough to know how to swing a club. Course management is an essential part of becoming a competitive golfer. The importance of understanding the course layout and reading each fairway and green properly cannot be underestimated. Additionally, pre-shot routines, recovery shots, and shaping shots are all part of the tactical aspect of golf.

Competition Strategy

Learning the technical and tactical sides of golf will help a junior player understand the equipment and golf course. But in competitive play, your opponent has those same skills. Learning effective competition strategy will help you outthink your opponent. The ability to assess both the challenges and opportunities for each hole is vital to get the edge on the competition. Effective shot combinations and club selection, helping to shave off an extra stroke or two, often make the difference between first and second place. At a golf camp, professional instructors share their years of experience with junior golfers and prepare them early for competitive play.

The Mental Aspect

Golf requires knowledge of the equipment and when and how to use it, but it’s also a game of confidence, focus, concentration, and discipline. Envisioning shots; not losing confidence after a bad shot, triple bogey, or terrible round; attitude; and mental preparation are often what separate the men from the boys on the links. Camp instructors can provide helpful tips to junior golfers to help them understand and develop the mental aspect of the game.

Be Ahead of the Pack

Of the 25 million golfers nationwide, most are weekend warriors that have achieved a mediocre level and, despite frustrating shots and rounds, will never appreciably improve. A junior golf camp helps youths avoid falling into hard-to-break bad habits and learn the entire game of golf. An early start means acquiring and developing the necessary skills and knowledge of the game to become a competitive golfer for years to come.

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