Protect Your Property When You’re Away

Protect Your Property When You’re Away

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Home security is important for the majority of the year when we are actively living in our homes, but what about the times of the year when we allow ourselves some holiday time and go away for a week or two? If you are planning a trip away on these shores, or to foreign lands, one thing to be certain of is the high standards of your home security plans before you jet off and leave an empty home behind you.

There are a few things you can do to ensure that whilst you are away, sunning your body on a beach somewhere, or visiting art galleries and restaurants in a stunning new city, that your home is completely safe. Being free to truly relax and enjoy your time on holiday is what you’re looking to achieve, so why take the chance with your home security?

Keep the Home Active in Appearance

An empty home that looks like it’s empty is a prime target for potential theft. A burglar chancing upon a property that clearly has piles of post at the front door, or all the blinds closed for days on end is much more of a target for potential burglary than one that looks at least like it is being lived in currently. One thing you can do is to employ techniques that make your home look like someone is there at different times of the day. If you have blinds open at the back of the house, leave them half opened (not enough to pry inside), and keep those that are usually closed at the side or the front, closed. Lights can be timed to come on at certain times of the day and night, and there are some cool products such as a Fake TV that is brilliant in preventing theft by turning on and appearing as if the light from the television is coming from behind the blinds of a home.

Ask Friends and Relatives to Help

It might be that you really do need your neighbours, friends or relatives to regularly visit your home when you’re on holiday so that they can water the plants or feed the cat once a day. Even if you don’t, however, it is prudent to ask someone you trust to keep an eye on your home when you are on holiday. They can come round to pick up the post so it doesn’t start to pile up (see above) and help to open and close blinds, check that no entry points have been compromised and keep the place looking active.

Upgrade Your Home Security System

Lastly it is cost-effective in the long run to have the highest standard of home security at your property. Before going away, check that all windows and doors are secure and up to scratch, and if they are not look to upgrade them or the locks that are fitted to them. With your home alarm system, does it need to be upgraded to a newer model or to be relevant to a different part of the home than it is currently covering?

Keeping your home safe whilst you are away on holiday is vitally important, these few tips should help you enjoy your holiday without having to worry about your home being burgled in your absence.

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