Selling or Buying Property: Find a Reliable and Reputable Real Estate Agent

Selling or Buying Property: Find a Reliable and Reputable Real Estate Agent

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Some might think it unfair to say that it can be hard to find a decent realtor but when you do come across someone who ticks all the right boxes, you can often tell the difference.

Whether you are buying or selling a property, having a decent real estate agent on your side who seems to be on the ball and helps the transaction go as smoothly as possible, is often a big help.

Here is a look at how to find that go-to person for property deals. There are some insights on why the top agents don’t necessarily mean you get top service, why referrals work, and how open houses could help you find the right agent.

Biggest isn’t always the best

You will always find that there are some real estate agents who seem to be doing more business than their rivals and you might think that this is a big clue to how good they are at their job.

It might be the case that the best realtor in town is in that top 20% of agents who seem to be handling about 80% of all the transactions, and it is strange how often that percentage seems to ring true, but just because they close the most deals and make the most money, it doesn’t always follow that they are the best fit for you.

What you ultimately want is an agent who is an experienced professional, and one who will, for example, tell you that this website could be good to visit over another because they put your needs ahead of their own.

The right agent for you is someone who listens, displays consummate knowledge and professionalism and looks out for your interests rather than just focusing on closing a deal.

A trusted source

A good starting point when you are trying to find a reputable real estate agent to develop a relationship with would be to ask friends and family for recommendations.

Referrals are a great source of business for agents as they come from satisfied clients and if you talk to people you already know and trust about their experiences with real estate agents, they are likely to spread the word and put you in touch with someone they rate highly.

Going to an agent who has been referred by someone whose opinion you value is a great way of taking a direct route to a realtor who has the potential to become your own trusted property broker.

Neutral territory

Another good way to get to meet some real estate agents in what can be described as a non-threatening environment that allows you to talk comfortably would be to attend some open house events.

This can be a great way of seeing how an agent interacts with others, how knowledgeable and polite they seem and basically, gauging whether they seem to be someone you could get along with.

You get a chance to view their professionalism in how they are presenting themselves and the home they are selling as well as the opportunity to put their people skills to the test.

Reliability and reputation are just two classic hallmarks of a good realtor. They are out there and if you look in all the right places and ask the right questions, you will find the right one for you.

Abbie Dodd has worked as a realtor for several years and strives to always go the extra mile for her clients. She writes about all aspects of the home buying and selling process in her articles.

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