The Crucial Role of Accountability in Real Estate

The Crucial Role of Accountability in Real Estate

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The real estate industry is all about sales. Ensuring sales accountability is a vital part of making sure that your sales agents are actually doing their work, and to ensure that they bring in and convert more leads. But sales agents are only human, and so they miss things sometimes. To ensure you don’t lose business due to human error you need a sales lead alert tool.

What is a sales lead alert tool?

Also known as lead management systems, sales lead alert tools are a means of ensuring that you stay abreast of all your sales leads at all times. A quality system like Leadtrekker is capable of being integrated into your website so that when your contact form is filled out or a lead reaches out to you, they are automatically logged in a database. While this information is being logged, sales leads alerts are instantly sent to the lead and all relevant sales agents. This makes it an efficient notification system, and that’s only the beginning.

How will it help?

This helps to improve your sales accountability firstly by ensuring that you and the sales agents are immediately notified whenever a lead is generated. These sales lead alerts can then be an effective prompt to encourage sales agents to contact the lead right away, vastly improving the potential client’s image of your agency and increasing your chances of a conversion down the line.

The other side of accountability is ensuring that the sales agents are properly following through with their duties. Following up on the lead’s progress until the lead either converts or walks away is crucial. A sales lead alert tool helps you to keep track of this effectively as well by alerting you when agents are leaving leads without following up for too long, helping you to hold them accountable for their laxness. That should greatly increase your sales agents’ efficiency.

More than just alerting you to leads and lack of follow up, sales lead alert tools also help you to keep accurate record of all sales processes. Every time you deal with a lead, the system tracks and stores all actions taken. In this way you can keep the entire agency accountable by following your processes and seeing if there is any part of the process that is failing. From there correcting these mistakes is easy.

Of course, to get the full benefits of all this you need a quality leads management system like Leadtrekker. Best of all they offer a free trial version of their system, so test it out for yourself!

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