The Incredible Real Estate Landscape on Al Maryah Island: How to Take Advantage of the Recent Boom

The Incredible Real Estate Landscape on Al Maryah Island: How to Take Advantage of the Recent Boom

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Over the past several decades or so, Abu Dhabi has grown into one of the most boisterous and innovative construction havens in the entire world as new additions to the city skyline are announced on a near daily basis. However, one region in particular has captured the attention of not only holidaymakers, jetsetters, and locals, but also world-renowned real estate developers and infrastructure specialists.

Al Maryah Island

Formerly known as Sowwah Island, Al Maryah Island is only about 115 hectares in size, but this gorgeous landmass is destined to become one of the most incredible luxury neighbourhoods in the entire region over the next few years.

Although Al Maryah already features an impressive assortment of cafés, hotels, shopping complexes, as well as an awe-inspiring boulevard along the Gulf’s edge, the forthcoming construction projects and infrastructure ventures foreshadow an even brighter future. Within just a few short years, Al Maryah Island will be able to serve as a lavish sanctuary for over two million residents, and will connect to the main population centre by way of 13 – yes, thirteen – bridges stretching across the surrounding waterways, but the buck doesn’t stop there:

  • Al Maryah is the only Financial Free Zone in the centre of the UAE’s capital.
  • As of now, it is the 8th largest Financial Free Zone in the world, behind New York, London, Geneva, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Dubai, and Shanghai.
  • The island has unparalleled political and economic stability, particularly in the Middle East.
  • Strategic real estate locations with amazing panoramic views, futuristic buildings, renowned resort hotels, high-end galleries, and world-class facilities throughout the islet.

How to Find a Resourceful Real Estate Partner in the Region

If you’d like to take advantage of the lucrative opportunities in the area, you’ll want to take a closer look at the Al Maryah Island apartments, custom residences, and accommodations dotting the region. But as you might imagine, it’s important to make sure you’re working with a trustworthy, imaginative, and prosperous development team as opposed to some inexperienced real estate firm that has yet to establish a viable network in the Abu Dhabi sphere.

In this regard, it’s in your best interests to find a real estate development team that can checkmark all of the conceptual boxes shown below:

  • Over 45 years of experience within the infrastructure development niche.
  • Upwards of 700 projects completed and inaugurated since inception.
  • Capital base of at least $15 billion.
  • Portfolio of over 200 million square feet of property throughout the world.

Finding a resourceful organisation that has established itself on Al Maryah will allow you to avail yourself of the following boons during your hunt for worthwhile property options:

  • 0% tax rate
  • Lowest real estate rates on the entire island
  • High rental yields from the very beginning
  • Lucrative remuneration schedules
  • Attractive payment plans with desirable terms
  • Significant potential for asset appreciation and capital growth
  • 99 years + 99 years ownership status for long-term income opportunities

With this valuable information in hand, you’re more than prepared to start vetting and scrutinising the real estate landscape on Al Maryah Island, but don’t wait too long, though. The supply and demand matrix won’t stay on your side forever!

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