The Reality of Moving to Florida

The Reality of Moving to Florida

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Whether you’ve been planning on moving to Florida to retire for as long as you can remember or you’re wanting to further your career in the sunshine state, it is best to be practical and pragmatic. Moving, no matter where you go, always requires adjustment. From getting used to the weather to just learning what roads you need to take to and from work, moving to Florida is going to be kind of a scary adventure. Well before you find your next home in Cape Coral, you should be aware of the size of this city. Some areas of Florida are more close knit communities and others are wide open spaces that are welcoming to newcomers and visitors. Here’s how you can make a new life in Florida.

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Respect the Locals

Your new neighbors will know the best butchers, the best beaches, and have great suggestions on how you can get settled in. Always be pleasant and respectful so that you can blend in and get access to all of the information you need to make your new life more pleasant. Expect to feel out of place at first. You’ll get to know new people, fall into a regular routine, and get to know your new home in no time at all.

Prepare for Hurricane Season

Cape Coral residents have to deal with hurricane season, which lasts from late in the summer up until around the end of November. Your homeowner’s insurance rates might be some of the highest in the country because of the prevalence of tropical storms, but many other expenses will be rather affordable. Property taxes are often lower in most areas of Florida, so you can get a break on other expenses that might be more costly in the area you currently reside. Have some boards and nails handy in case a storm comes through and you’ll pretty much be ready for hurricane season all the time.

Making Your Move

You can move to Florida before purchasing a home but you should know precisely where you’d be most comfortable. If you’re close enough, you can drive into the state a few times to get to know about various neighborhoods that you can afford and would like to live in. Otherwise, finding a realtor is suggested if you’re looking to move to Florida permanently and buy a home. There are condos, apartments, trailers, single-family and attached homes that come in a range of prices. Florida is a great place for young single adults, families, retired couples and foreign immigrants to move to and make their homes.

Florida has warm weather, so you’ll have to work to keep your yard looking green. On the other hand, there will be little to no snow for you to shovel and no ice to melt off of your front stairs. The reality of moving to Florida is that it is affordable, so if you’re on a fixed income or have a well established career, this might be the place where you want to come and stay for the long haul.

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