Top Packing Tips When Moving Home

Top Packing Tips When Moving Home

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When you move home, it can be one of the most stressful experiences in the world. Not only are you dealing with paperwork, lots of phone calls with estate agents and various other things, you have the monumental stress of physically packing and preparing for the move.

Here we have some top tips to help you make your move go much more smoothly.

Make Sure You Get Labelling

When you get to your new home it is imperative that you know where things are so that you can put boxes in relevant rooms – this is where labelling becomes absolutely fundamental.

Make sure when packing that you clearly label the contents of the box so that if you (or indeed your removal company) can place the boxes in the correct rooms. This can save ample amounts of time and take huge amounts of stress out of making the move go smoothly, so get labelling!

Buy GREAT Boxes

There’s a huge selection of moving boxes that you can buy online for a pretty good price but beware, some companies boxes aren’t too strong and will fail under the pressure of anything heavy.

Make sure you go out and read reviews readily available on the web to ensure that the boxes are sturdy and in-line for what you need (including checking sizes – this is very important, you don’t want 25 boxes that you can’t fit your items in!)

Hire A Trustworthy Removal Company

This is probably up there with one of the most important aspects of moving – and that’s making the jump to hiring a great removal company. Much like the boxes, you must do your research to look into reviews to gauge the trustworthiness and effectiveness of prospect removal companies.

One of the most favoured companies to use based on web feedback is MoveCorp who provide and impeccable removal service and, based on reviews, are very competitively priced.

Get Some Help!

Grab your friends and family – it’s time they pulled their weight and you call in old favours to get some help when moving. There’s a LOT to consider when moving and having multiple brains thinking about the move instead of one is always going to be better.

Don’t Overload Your Boxes!

So you’ve brought the best boxes you could find on the web – now it is crucial that you remember not to overload the boxes. This is something a lot of people overlook when packing and they try to cram everything in and it’s just not worth it. If one of those boxes split due to overloading, you could break your items and valuables and that’s just not good.

Plan, plan and more planning

Get planning! Moving home takes a lot of careful planning to ensure that you have everything mapped out including all the points listed above. So make sure you fully plan who is doing what, what is going where and how it’s going to be done and write it down (use a checklist type thing – works wonders for most)

They’re our top tips for moving house – we wish you a very good move and hope you follow some of these pieces of advice to keep the process a smooth, happy one.

Enjoy your new home

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