What is Attracting Scorpions to your Property?

What is Attracting Scorpions to your Property?

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Scorpions are not harmful to human beings but their bite can feel like an electric shock running through your body. Although scorpions don’t pose any danger to your property they are still a nuisance a hazardous one at that. If your home or any other property has scorpion infestation, you may want to seek Chandler scorpion control services to address the issue.

In your home surrounding, the most common types of scorpions in America might include the giant whip scorpion; Herntz stripped scorpion and southern unstrapped scorpion. Have you been wondering what is attracting these creepy pests to your property? Here are the top four possibilities.

1.    Darkness

Scorpions are nocturnal and that means they are most active at night. This helps them preserve water, manage body temperatures, and gives them leeway to sneak up on their prey. Some places to check for these creepy pests are the basement and other dark corners in your house.

2.    Moisture

During hot weather when scorpion need water, they find their way through pipe drains and plumbing systems. In most homes, you might find scorpions either in the kitchen or bathroom especially during hot spring and summer months.

3.    Rotting logs and leaves

Hidden under a pile of moist leaves, scorpions love to hide under wet foliage, logs, barks, and straw. In such cases, you are more likely to find more scorpions outside than inside your home. To avoid scorpion infestation, clear out the rotting debris from your yard and chances of a meet up with a scorpion will be reduced.

4.    Other insects

Scorpions mainly feed on insects such as spiders, centipedes, and other smaller insects. If your property attracts such insects then scorpions will linger there for longer and in a worst case scenario increase in number. You might need to get your property fumigated by a pest control company in your area.

Take preventative measures to reduce infestation in your home by sealing all the entrances such as windows and doors, that it the points of entry. Scorpions are attracted to water and warmth, drain out any standing water and seal drainages to keep them out completely. Some of the steps you can take include:-

  • Sealing all doors and windows as they are common entry for scorpions
  • Clear debris and damp lumber tiles in the perimeter of your home.
  • Repair leaky air conditioners and drain out stand alone water sources.
  • Eliminate insects such as crickets they are scorpion’s favorite food this will help in keeping them away.
  • Enlist the help of a pest control company to fumigate out all scorpions in your property.

Be proactive in your property to ensure it is well protected from these small yet menacing creatures. If the problem persists and there is an increase in the number of scorpions get an expert pest control company to help eliminate the scorpions. Take necessary measures to ensure your property and those living in it are safe by incorporating safety measures against scorpions.

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