What To Do When Making an International Move?

What To Do When Making an International Move?

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Considering a move overseas is stressful; it is far more stressful—more time consuming, more complicated—than simply moving across town or even to another city.  When you relocate across an ocean—on a new continent—you have to worry about a lot of things. With that in mind, then, here are a few tips that could help to make your process of Kenwood overseas moving just a little bit easier.


Look, you might love your car and your appliances and all of your home furnishings but everything is replaceable.  Do you really want to pay for shipping?  And wouldn’t it just be more affordable to buy new furniture and a new car?  Besides, if you are moving from North America to Europe, for example, you would need to convert your car, anyway.

And, in case you never thought about this, when you bring goods across international borders, the country you are entering will consider these possessions to be imports. That means you could have to pay duties and taxes, too.

So, yeah, just get new stuff (except for those things things you simply cannot replace, of course).


Moving internationally is most often permanent but that does not mean you have to bring everything with you.  If you are not able to sell all of the things you don’t need, you can always store some of your things too.  Maybe you have friends or family you are leaving behind and they can help sell or give away these things.  Storage can be more affordable on a short term basis, too, if you think you can send some of your things after you arrive.


Yes, some things might be able to come later but you should also keep in mind the importance of sending some of your possessions ahead of you. Things that you do not necessarily need at your old address, but will definitely need when you finally make the move, could be sent months ahead of your move.  You can stagger this effort, too, to keep affordable.


Basically, do some research long beforehand about how long it will take to get your passport/visa.  If you plan to work in your new country of residence, these are going to be imperative. Also be sure to have copies of your birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce and custody agreements, background checks, and educational qualifications to help speed along the process, too.

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