Which type of concrete garage is best for you

Which type of concrete garage is best for you

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Concrete Garages come in a range of concrete garage styles, including bespoke buildings, double garages, and lean to garages, all of which are supplied by concrete garage experts, Dencroft Garages, based in Leeds. Here is a short piece to highlight the benefits of each type of concrete garage.

Apex garages

Concrete garages with the apex roof feature have improved drainage and better storage due to the unique roofing style. The apex roof is in the form of an A shape frame with treated timber purlings. This shape of the roof allows rainwater to easily run off it, as opposed to sitting in a puddle on top of the garage which could lead to long-term damage or leaks. Also, because of the Apex shape, taller items are better able to fit inside the garage which maximises its storage potential and makes the most of the garages practicality. So if you have things like ladders or stacks of boxes, the Apex style might be best for you.

Pent Roof Garages

Pent roof garages differ in the fact that the roof is flat but slightly tilted. One edge of the flat roof will be raised from the opposite side which allows for rainwater to easily roll off. Many homeowners choose the pent roof garage for their practical benefits as it is a more basic roofing feature, however it is still extremely high quality. Pent roof garages, as manufactured by Dencroft Garages, are extremely durable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, the pent roof style is increasingly popular as it suits the trendy architecture of modern style homes.

Bespoke Garages

Bespoke garages are made to your specific requirements whereby the building merchant can design, supply and install bespoke concrete garages that is perfectly individual to you. Professional site designers will discuss with you the options available to you regarding materials and dimensions etc. and help to make your dream building a reality. In addition to designing and building what you’re after, some companies may also offer the installation of internal furnishings such as water, electricity, flooring, lighting, and plastering, just to name a few.

Lean To Garages

If space at the side of your house is an issue, then a ‘lean to garage could be the solution for you. Lean to garages are a popular choice by many and can be attached to either side of a house. We also offer specially designed interlocking panels that help to weather proof the joints and add strength and rigidity to the structure.

Double Garages

Double garages are made to the same impeccable standard and high quality and single concrete garages however they can fit two cars in side by side. Alternatively, you can get the most out of the size and space that a double garage offers by being creative with its space. You can still use one side of the garage as car storage, however you can use the other side as a workshop. Having double the room means you have double the freedom and opportunity for using the extra space.

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