Why are Millenials Moving to Indianapolis?

Why are Millenials Moving to Indianapolis?

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A recent CNBC article ranked Indianapolis number 13 of its 25 best cities for people under 35. With bustling arts districts and the largest Dr. Who warehouse on the east coast, there’s plenty of reasons millenials and hipsters move to Indianapolis.

From touring the Indy 500 to going to the world’s first spinning jail cell, Indianapolis always offers something to do from traditional sports events to unconventional oddities. Being a city of rich history and mixed cultures, Indianapolis has done a great job preserving much of its older districts and their architecture. This has created an eclectic mix of old, antique style buildings and modern townhouses that give Indianapolis a unique feel. Paired with its growing culinary scene, Indy has something to offer everyone.

Indy has been cited as one of the best cities to start a career and even get out of your mom’s basement. While population has begun to slow a little bit, 13 out of Indiana’s 15 fastest growing cities were suburbs outside of Indianapolis. Here are just some more reasons why Indianapolis is becoming one of the most popular millenial cities in the United States.

Growing Job Market

Glassdoor ranked Indianapolis as the 2nd best city in the United States to find a job with over 83,000 job openings for a median salary of $43,000. According to Growella, Indianapolis also has the fourth strongest paycheck in the nation, which take into account the cost-of-living and housing. In 2016, the job market grew by 2.6% with a low unemployment rate of 3.4%

Some of the most popular jobs in Indy include software engineering and biomedical engineering. Being one of the easiest cities to find a job, you’ll be surprised how much money millenials have left over in their paycheck after expenses.

Affordable Living

The median price for a house in Indianapolis was $145,950 as of June, 2017. While prices in the downtown have risen rapidly, homes for sale in Indianapolis are still well below the median list price for existing homes across the United States. For young people looking to build credit and assets, Indianapolis is a hot market that will increase in equity sharply over the next 5 years.

According to Growella, Indianapolis has the second lowest cost of living out of any city in the United States. Indianapolis is so affordable it was voted the best city in the United States for renters by Forbes.


With a host of colleges and universities, many millennials end up getting a job in the city right out of college. Butler University was voted the second best university in the regional midwest by US News and World Report. Indianapolis is home to a number of elite universities in the area, including Indiana University-Purdue University, Marian University, and the University of Indianapolis. Indy’s local school system is also one of the best in Indiana, which is ideal for millennials seeking to start a family.

Arts and Entertainment

Veal’s ice tree, underground catacombs, brains in jars, and endless street and musical theatres only scratch the surface of Indianapolis’s artistry. From its city-wide graffiti art to regularly hosted arts festivals, Indianapolis’s art scene defines the younger generation of the city.

Many of the locals love visiting the historic districts of Fountain Square, Broad Ripple, and the Circle. For cuisine, there are a host of restaurants specializing in everything from Mediterranean to classic midwestern dishes. If sports is your thing, the Indy 500 is always an exciting local event and Indy is home to the Colts.

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